3.8GHz In-line Amplifier with 4X4 MIMO(33dBm)


中繼放大器用作BTS /中繼器和分佈式天線之間的中繼。它通過耦合器從室內配電系統的中繼線接收低功率信號,將其線性放大,然後通過電纜將其重新傳輸到天線配電系統。並且移動信號也被放大並經由相反的方向重發到BTS

l   具有IP65防護等級的鋁合金外殼具有很高的防塵,防水和防腐蝕性能

l   採用高增益,低噪聲的線性放大器,對基站的干擾小

l   內置TDD-LTE基帶同步模塊,自動完成TDD-LTE無線網絡小區搜索和無線信令處理

l   USB端口提供了到筆記本的鏈接,用於本地監控或基於IPNMS(網絡管理系統),可以遠程監控中繼器的工作狀態,並通過以太網或LAN將操作參數下載到BDA

The 3.8GHz In-Line Amplifier is designed to provide a more cost-effective solution than adding a new Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to extend signal coverage and to improve communication quality in 3.8GHz system. And its easy installation and maintenance can help carrier get fast return.

  The Trunk Amplifier is working as a relay between the BTS/Repeater and distributed antennas. It receives the low-power signal from Trunk line of indoor distribution system via the coupler, linearly amplifies the signal and then retransmits it via the cables to the antenna distribution system. And the mobile signal is also amplified and retransmitted to the BTS via the opposite direction.

   n  Aluminum-alloy casing with IP65 protection has high resistance to dust, water and corrosion

  n  Low interference to BTS by adopting linear amplifier with high gain and low noise

  n  Built-in TDD-LTE baseband synchronization module, automatic completion of TDD-LTE wireless network cell search and wireless signaling processing

  n  USB port provides a link to a notebook for local supervision or IP Based NMS (Network Management System) that can remotely supervise Repeater’s working status and download operational parameters to the BDA Via Ethernet or LAN


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