400-500MHz UHF 光纖直放站(UHF Fiber Optic Repeater)

UHF系列光纖頻帶選擇性轉發器是擴展和改善UHF TETRA電信系統覆蓋範圍的最佳且更可靠的解決方案。光纖頻帶選擇性中繼器由兩個模塊組成,即主站和從站。主模塊可以直接從BTSCable-Access FOR)耦合使用,也可以連接到從BTS接收信號的施主天線(Wireless-Access FOR),而從模塊則為服務區域提供系統覆蓋。光纖中繼器可在兩個方向上進行放大,在上行鏈路和下行鏈路上進行連續帶寬的連續調諧,出廠時已進行了調整。其堅固的結構和簡便的現場維護可降低運營成本並確保高MTBF 


UHF Series of Fiber Optic Band Selective Repeater is the best and more reliable solution to extend and improve the coverage area of UHF TETRA telecommunication systems. Fiber Optic Band Selective Repeater consists of two modules, Master and Slave. Master module can be used directly coupled from BTS (Cable-Access FOR) or can be connected to a donor antenna receiving signals from the BTS (Wireless-Access FOR), while Slave module provides service area with system coverage. Fiber Optic Repeaters amplifies in both directions, uplink and downlink a continuous bandwidth, factory tuned. Its rugged construction and easy field maintenance reduces operational costs and   ensures a high MTBF.

Typical applications of this line of repeaters are indoor situations such as tunnels, buildings, subways, and outdoor scenarios such as stadiums, rural areas and dense urban areas.


交通資訊(Traffic Info)

本公司距台北火車站摩托車車程只需20分鐘,地理位置適中,鄰近百齡橋、陽明高中、百齡高中、士林夜市、圓山大飯店、天文台、美術館、兒童育樂中心等。(The company is only 20 minutes away from Taipei Railway Station by motorcycle. The geographical position is moderate, close to Balling Bridge, Yangming High School, Balling High School, Shilin Night Market, Grand Hotel, Observatory, Art Museum, Children's Education Center, etc.)


捷運淡水線:由劍潭站2號出口步行至本公司約10-15分鐘 (MRT Danshui Line: Walk from Exit 2 of Jiantan Station to our company about 10-15 minutes)

250路:公車由永和至後港,每小時一班 (No. 250: Bus runs every hour from Yonghe to Hougang)

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如自行開車至我公司,附近均有收費停車場 (If you drive to our company by yourself, there are paid parking lots nearby)



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