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We provide a total turnkey solution to enable you to provide in-building wireless overage.

Distributed antenna network

A particularly useful application of antennas in indoor systems is the idea of distributed antennas.  The philosophy behind this approach is to split the transmitted power among several antenna elements, separated in space so as to provide coverage over the same area as a single antenna, but with reduced total power and improved reliability.  This is possible because less power is wasted in overcoming penetration and shadowing losses, and because a line-of-sight channel is present more frequently, leading to reduced fade depths and reduced delay spread (which is known to be a good indicator of the system error rate performance in wideband systems). Furthermore, the smaller coverage footprint of each antenna element provides for controlled coverage and reduces excessive interference and spillage effects.

Fiber Optic Solution

光纖直放站解決方案  Product Details...

Leaky feeder system

漏波系統解決方案  Product Details...